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Traffic Jams and Economic Development

Traffic jams and economic development are not things that are normally associated with one another. However, if we think of traffic flows and density as measures of infrastructure, we can begin to see the relationship between the two (which CTED … Continue reading

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The Importance of Plantains and Batteries: Working on an RCT in the field

Alex Coutts is a CTED graduate student researching economics in the developing world. He spent this past summer interning in Uganda working with on an RCT. Here are his experiences while working out in the field: This previous summer I … Continue reading

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Mobile Phones – The Future of Banking

Say you need to run to the corner store to purchase some sugar. What do you grab to take with you – your keys, your wallet, your phone? What if you no longer needed your wallet and everything you had … Continue reading

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Preventing Forgery

A new project by CTED Co-Principal Investigator, Lakshmi Subramanian, is making headway in the fight to stop forgery in developing nations. An article in this week’s New Scientist, discusses Lakshmi’s project, PaperSpeckle, which uses an Android phone and a USB … Continue reading

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Measuring Trust

CTED’s research focuses on developing new technologies that can transform and improve the lives of the world’s poor. But how do you convince them to use these technologies and what role does trust play in the use and adaptation of … Continue reading

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