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Mixed Findings on Climate Change’s Impact on Crop Yields

A report in Science Magazine examines the effect of climate change on crop yields – for wheat, corn, soy, and rice – since 1980. While the report finds that, overall, crop yields have decreased by 3% for corn and 5% … Continue reading

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The African Middle Class

A report from the African Development Bank reports that 1 in 3 Africans is middle class, but the Guardian wonders what that means for economic development and what role this middle class, or “catalytic class,” will play in poverty reduction … Continue reading

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Investing beyond microfinance

CNN Money/FORTUNE took a look at why investors and development should look beyond microfinance and begin investing small or medium-size businesses to spur greater economic development and entrepreneurship. While microfinance is still a key factor in spurring entrepreneurship amongst the … Continue reading

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New technologies being used in the fight against HIV/AIDS

A series of panels in South Africa sponsored by UNAIDS focused on interesting ways social media and technology is being used to prevent HIV/AIDS and share critical information about the disease. Blogs, social networks, and mobile phones are all being … Continue reading

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India and China closing information gap

A  report from the World Economic Forum has found that China and India are closing the ICT gap. The report ranks country based on IT infrastructure and IT effectiveness and usage in business. China (36th) and India (48th) led the … Continue reading

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The growing African ICT industry

Africa Renewal has an interesting piece on how the information and communications technology industry has moved beyond being marginal and is now a dominant industry across much of the continent. The article cites three major aspects to this development – … Continue reading

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Rwanda’s transformation

Africa Renewal takes a look at the great strides Rwanda has taken since the 1994 genocide that left over 800,000 dead to become a regional leader in information and communication technology. The government has adopted business-friendly policies and set a … Continue reading

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