What a big difference a little light can make

Great post about solutions available to those who are “energy poor” and how those solutions might help solve bigger problems that foreign aid tries to solve, such as the lack of education, healthcare and economic opportunity for many of these people.  There are several challenges faced in getting the technology to these people – namely, mistrust and unfamiliarity with the technology itself, often prohibitive initial costs, and challenges to maintenance and efficient use – but for this technology to penetrate these areas could be a significant game changer in the lives of many. The technology has the potential to offer clean, reliable electricity to many who have never had regular access to it.

About CTED

CTED, as part of the New York University Abu Dhabi Research Grant, is a multidisciplinary research lab that focuses on combining economic principles, technological advances, and human-centric design to create innovative solutions for the problems experienced in emerging regions.
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