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ICT for empowerment

A Google employee who moved to Africa to work in ICT for development has found another powerful benefit to bringing information and computer technology to the region – empowerment and opportunity. Ben Cole has been helping small businesses in Africa … Continue reading

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Abu Dhabi developing microchip industry

Abu Dhabi is taking large steps to developing its own microchip industry as part of its efforts to diversify industry in the capital and to provide a lasting industry after oil and gas production has wound down. The goal is … Continue reading

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Kenyan community cooking

In Nairobi, a new community project uses the trash around the neighborhood to fuel a communal cooker. The Community Cooker relies upon community members bringing their waste to feed the fire, in turn making the area cleaner, and provides a … Continue reading

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How green is microfinance?

An interesting post by DeSmogBlog raises the question of whether microfinance is good or detrimental to the environment.  A report by GreenMicrofinance and Inter-American Development Bank, “The Missing Bottom Line: Microfinance and the Environment,” reveals the interesting relationship between the … Continue reading

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Text alerts for healthcare appointments in South Africa prove effective

South Africa’s largest HIV treatment center has recently begun using SMS technology to remind patients of appointments and, so far, the system is proving effective.  According to an article in the Independent, missed appointments have fallen from an average of … Continue reading

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What a big difference a little light can make

Great post about solutions available to those who are “energy poor” and how those solutions might help solve bigger problems that foreign aid tries to solve, such as the lack of education, healthcare and economic opportunity for many of these … Continue reading

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Photosynthesis for power

At a California conference, MIT professor, Daniel Nocera, presented new technology that mimics photosynthesis in order to produce electricity. The artificial leaf is no bigger than a playing card and uses water and the sun, producing energy to be stored … Continue reading

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