ICT and Climate Change

Today’s post will focus on another CTED project by Sunandan Chakraborty, who shows how technology can be used to inform farmers in rural areas of climate changes. If farmers can easily and quickly be informed of developing climate situations, the scope of catastrophe due to unawareness can be significantly reduced. The project involves developing a system that searches the web and automatically summarizes important climatic and agricultural trends and constructs a location-specific climatic and agricultural information portal. This technology was recently evaluated across 605 different districts in India. The key finding from this work is that 64.6% of the districts of India suffer from soil related issues like soil erosion or infertility, and roughly 76% have water related problems, such as water unavailability, droughts and floods, etc. To ensure that the data reported by the system are authentic, the reliability of the websites from which the system received its information was analyzed. While the project is still in developmental stages, a rigorous evaluation process demonstrated the system’s usefulness. Moreover, there is significant scope in which to improve the system’s effectiveness. The goal is to deploy this recently developed technology in the near future.


About CTED

CTED, as part of the New York University Abu Dhabi Research Grant, is a multidisciplinary research lab that focuses on combining economic principles, technological advances, and human-centric design to create innovative solutions for the problems experienced in emerging regions.
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