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Mobile phone health records

A University of Southern Maine CS professor, Bruce MacLeod, and his graduate students are implementing a cell phone based medical records system, called Mobile Midwife, in Ghana. The project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has nurses in … Continue reading

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Door-to-door solar technology

Great article in the Daily Beast about a solar start-up network for women in Uganda. Solar Sisters began as a small project training women about solar energy so that they would be able to spread the word and to sell … Continue reading

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Authenticating Pharmaceuticals

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose a serious public health challenge. While it exits everywhere in the world, counterfeiting is greatest in regions where regulatory and enforcement systems for medicines are weakest. Counterfeit medicines pose a public health risk because their content can be dangerous … Continue reading

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Mobile Banking: Lessons learned in Kenya spreading to Afghanistan

Despite war and a crippled infrastructure, many in Afghanistan are turning to mobile instead of traditional banking. The Christian Science Monitor reports on the implementation and expansion of M-Paisa as a main means of trade and commerce in the country. … Continue reading

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ICT Big in World Bank Development Marketplace Shortlisted Proposals

Several of the shortlisted projects for the World Bank Development Marketplace focus on using ICT in interesting new ways to address issues of employment, government accountability, and trade. Babajob is an organization that connects job seekers in the informal sector … Continue reading

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ICT and Climate Change

Today’s post will focus on another CTED project by Sunandan Chakraborty, who shows how technology can be used to inform farmers in rural areas of climate changes. If farmers can easily and quickly be informed of developing climate situations, the … Continue reading

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CTED – At home at NYU Abu Dhabi

CTED is part of New York University of Abu Dhabi, a recently established liberal arts college closely connected to NYU New York. CTED is located in the heart of NYUAD’s Downtown Campus. This is the ideal location for CTED, as NYUAD’s … Continue reading

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